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Points of interest (in minutes walk)

Points of Interest

  1. Cattedrale e Castello di San Giusto (600 mt – 9 min)
  2. Museo civico Revoltella (600 mt -7 min)
  3. Sinagoga di trieste (1200 mt – 15 min)
  4. Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo ( 750mt -10 min)
  5. Basilica Ortodossa San Spiridione (600 mt – 7 min)
  6. Museo del mare (1100 mt – 14 min)
  7. Salone degli incanti e Acquario ( 600 mt – 7 min)
  8. Stazione Marittima Conference center ( 300 mt-4 min)
  9. Piazza unita d’italia ( 50 mt)
  10. Teatro Romano (300 mt-4 min)
  11. Castello di Miramare (8,4 km)
  12. Grotta gigante (9,7 km)
  13. Risiera San Sabba (4,7 km)
  14. Yacht club adriaco ( 750mt -10 min)
  15. Teatro Verdi  (100m – 3 min)
  16. Teatro rossetti (1.6 km – 19 min)
  17. Museo della Bora (750 m -10 min)
  18. Museo ferroviario di Trieste Campo Marzio (1,2 km – 15 min)
You can explore most of the historical part of the city by simply walking around and enjoying the different architectural styles (liberty, eclectic, neoclassical...) While discovering its curious features.
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Trieste offers many poetic sights. Here you have a list of the most famous and unusual ones.
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If you're looking for an active holiday with the comfort of a hotel in the city centre, you're welcome to the Urban Hotel Design! Biking enthusiasts can leave their bicycles…
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Trieste is famous for its wind, its sea, its panoramic hills, and for the cultural diversity of its inhabitants. It has always been a borderland. Its centre features prestigious buildings,…
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