Points of Interest - TREKKING ON THE KARST Trieste Hotel

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The karstic plateau is the paradise of nature lovers: there are so many different walks you can take, from relaxed strolls to more difficult paths, specific paths for trekking and nordic walking experts.

Here are some different kind of routes that will lead you into the wonderful landscapes of Trieste.


The Napoleonic road (around 3,5km) starts from the Obelisk in Opicina (you can reach it by tram) and offers a great view on the Gulf and the city of Trieste. There are several interesting panoramic points along the road, that connects Opicina with the village of Prosecco.

You can reach it by car, tram, bus n.4


Perched over the sea, the “Rilke” path (around 1,7km), is an extremelyt beautiful and poetic path that runs along the Natural Reserve of the Cliffs of Duino. It connects Duino to Sistiana and is dedicated to the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, that at the beginning of the XIX century was for some time guest of the princes Thurn und Taxis (Tower and Badger). Here he found inspiration for his “Duino Elegies”.

You can reach it by car, and bus (n.44, 51).


The path connects the town of Santa Croce to Aurisina and to the small bay of Canovella degli Zoppoli. The path (around 1,8 km) runs into a small wood, and it's accompanied by the scent of sage. The view from the path encompasses the whole Gulf from punta Salvore to Grado. Eventually you will reach the Liburnia lookout post, once a surge tank for Trieste's hydric network.

Near the end of the Sage Path you'll find the Fishermen's Path, where a 500-step stair that leads directly to the sea. This path was used in the Roman era to load the white stone of Aurisina on boats, and shipped from there to temples and rich villas in the whole Mediterranean. It was later used by fishermen to get to the sea (Canovella degli Zoppoli) and fish with their “zoppole” or "čupa", small boats carved into a wooden log.

You can reach it by car and bus (n.44 and 51).


The Rosandra Valley, a few kilometres away from Trieste, on the border with Slovenia, is now a natural Reserve in whose centre flows the only surface water stream on the Karst of Trieste. It is one of the most beloved destinations for Trieste's hikers. There are 6 paths in the valley, and the main access at the bottom of the valley is in the village of Bagnoli della Rosandra.

You can reach by car and bus (n. 40 and 41).